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We are BUMS!

Welcome to BUMS- we are a Bristol SU Gold Accredited Group and Bristol's biggest music performance society! We are directly affiliated with the academic music department and based in the beautiful Victoria Rooms.  


Are you new to the University? Bristol has over 35 music groups and ensembles spread across 12 different societies, so it can get a little confusing. But don't worry, we've made a really easy online guide to all the music performance at the universities, sorted by instrument and genre. Find it here!  


BUMS is an umbrella society made up of 9 ensembles. All ensembles rehearse weekly and have at least 3 concerts per year. These are...

  • Chamber Orchestra (AUDITIONED)- Monday 19.00-21.15 Victoria Rooms  

  • Chamber Choir (AUDITIONED)- Monday 19.00-21.15 Victoria Rooms  

  • Symphonic Winds (AUDITIONED)- Wednesday 17.00-19.00 Victoria Rooms  

  • Baroque Ensemble (AUDITIONED)- Thursday 19.00-21.00 Victoria Rooms   

  • Wind Orchestra (UNAUTIONED) - Monday 17.00-18.30 Victoria Rooms 

  • Brass Band (UNAUDITIONED)- Thursday 19.00-21.00 Victoria Rooms 

  • String Orchestra (UNAUDITIONED)- Wednesday 17.00-18.30 Victoria Rooms 

  • Flute Choir (UNAUDITIONED)- Friday 17.00-18.30 Victoria Rooms 

  • Minerva Choir (UNAUDITIONED)- Tuesday 17.00-18.30 St Paul's Church Clifton 

Please note: auditions for Chamber Choir and Chamber Orchestra (and all departmental groups) are during welcome week!! Find out more about auditions here

Give it a Go!- We are running Give it a Go! events for all of our unauditioned ensembles during the first two regular rehearsals of the term. Check them all out here on our events page. 


CompNet meets weekly on Fridays from 17.00-19.00 in the Victoria Rooms and provides a space for people of all levels of experience to workshop and get feedback on their compositions. This cumulates in annual composition showcase concerts, which gives you the opportunity to premiere and record your work, with musicians from the chamber network. This year we have joined the undergraduate and postgraduate composition networks to facilitate even more music creation!

Our Chamber Music Network helps like minded musicians form small ensembles, such as string quartets, wind quintets and piano trios. We organise multiple chamber showcase and soloist concerts each year and even facilitate paid opportunities for some groups. We have lots of new exciting thing planned for chamber groups this year, so you're not going to want to miss getting involved. 

You can register your interest to join to the chamber network here and find out more here

Membership Benefits 

This year membership costs just £20 for the entire year. Here's what you get ...

  • Access to play all 9 BUMS ensembles (alright, it might be tough to play in ALL of them, but we'd like to see you try!)  

  • Access to join our chamber music network and undergrad or postgrad composition networks  

  • Access to join all of our society socials, including discounted nights out and alcohol free socials  

  • Discounted summer formal tickets  

  • Discounted or free tickets to all of our concerts (Over 25 per year!)  

  • Opportunity to sign up for our international tour  

  • Opportunity to buy BUMS merch  

  • NEW THIS YEAR! Discount at Headwind Music Bristol (10% off reeds online)  


What are you waiting for, come and join the BUMS family! 

  • Buy your membership on our SU page 

  • Sign up for our weekly newsletter here

  • Follow us on social media- our Instragram (@b_u_m_s_) is the most active, but you can find all of our socials on our linktree  

  • Come visit us at stall 97 in the Arts, Hobbies, Interests and Adventure Tent at the SU Welcome Fair and pick up your iconic 'I love BUMS' or 'I play with BUMS stickers' ;)  

If you have any queries at all contact our president Matt Starcher at or look on our contact us page for specific people 

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