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If you are looking for opportunities to share, workshop and perform your compositions, you are in luck. BUMS runs both an undergraduate and postgraduate composition network that meets weekly, plus collaborates with the chamber music network for concerts


Music Appreciation

Don't play an instrument but still love music? Music appreciation society and Rock Soc offers fantastic music loving communities

Also, you can join the BUMS new Minerva choir with absolutely no singing experience at all, it is open to everyone!

Otherwise, keep an eye for regular concerts, adverstised on our website or socials, many of which are free for students

Still looking?

One group that doesn't quite fit into any of categories is DJ Soc, a quintessential and thriving Bristol Uni society!

If you still can't find your instrument feel free to send us a message.We'd love to see what we can do, our chamber music network can take anything!

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